The definition of Ordination is “the rite of consecration to the Ministry”. This means a ceremony which sets apart as sacred, a person who believes in His work and is authorized to teach and administer the ordinances of God. Therefore, ordination by the Society is not taken lightly. Ordination requirements:
One year of study and 30 semester units or the equivalent (two years of work experience are equivalent to one year of college). Any substitutions acquired by work experience, or other such experience, must be accompanied by appropriate documents. This shall include but is not limited to:
1. A Personal sworn oath
2. Employer’s letter of verification
3. Personal references from three people
4. Transcripts of college credits.
Course No. 102 - Academic Foundations - Credit Units: 1
Course No. 310 - Counseling of the Family - Credit Units: 6
Course No. 315 - The Theory of Family Life - Credit Units: 4
Course No. 320 - Human Sexuality - Credit Units: 3
Course No. 325 - The Bible - Credit Units: 5
Course No. 350 - Personality Theory I - Credit Units: 4
Course No. 425 - Duties and Rituals of the Minister - Priest I - Credit Units: 4
Course No. 450 - Inspirational Experiences I - Credit Units: 3
Total Credit Units: 30