Transfer Requirements

If you have completed 15 college credits after graduating high school, you will be considered a transfer student at the University of Los Angeles. U.L.A. understands that transferring from one college to another can be an overwhelming task, so the Admissions team is here to assist you in the process. Contact your U.L.A. Transfer Specialist with any questions. U.L.A. is committed to helping you finish your Bachelor’s degree and will help you transfer in as many units as possible from your previous institution(s). In order to speed up the process, your Transfer Specialist will do an unofficial evaluation of your transcripts before you even apply!

Non-transferrable Units: Classes in which the student received a grade of D or below will not transfer. Courses completed at another college for which a corresponding course does not exist at U.L.A., in some cases, may be transferred in as a general elective. However, if a course description does not align with the content taught in a course at U.L.A., it may not transfer. A maximum of 90 college credits may be transferred into a degree program at U.L.A.